Our goal: Help build a MORE FAIR, more loving world.

QUICC's goal is simple, but the path to get there is incredibly difficult. The world we live in today isn't fair, and for folks that don't fit into the boxes of whiteness, wealth, and cis-heteronormativity, the societal norms we're expected to follow are incredibly harmful. Our mission is to help create a better world by helping those around us.

Our Work

We've found that the ways we can help the most are in providing water, food, medical care, and moral support to communities that have been overlooked by the system and people who are fighting to tear that system down.

Our group formed as a structure to bring together street medics and activists providing care at the protests against systemic racism and police brutality. By combining skills, resources, time, and motivation, we've been able to be more helpful at these demonstrations. Creating an organization has also allowed us to receive donations to restock supplies, invest in more training, and pay for transportation and vehicle repair.

Searching for new ways to help, we found that bringing supplies and care to folks experiencing houselessness is an area that we can assist in. Capitalism has bread an environment that is extremely unforgiving to unhoused people, and QTBIPOC are disproportionately affected by these conditions. Things need to change, and we're determined to use the resources we have to help make that change happen.

Our Commitments

As a group that is committed to abolishing the oppressive systems we live in today, we firmly believe that the current system of law enforcement needs to end. As such, we vow to never call the cops, and keep interaction to an absolute minimum when police initiate a dialogue. When an emergency situation arises, we call in the groups that are able to help with the current needs - EMS, fire departments, mental health groups, crisis intervention teams. Bringing the police into a situation that they are not trained to handle almost always ends in more violence and harm. We also commit to only use our resources to help the people that are being oppressed by these structures, not the ones that are choosing to uphold them.

Black Lives Matter

Everyone has internalized biases, fears, and judgements that have been influenced by the problematic societal norms we grew up with. As a team of activists providing care to folks, it's incredibly important that we put in the time and effort to examine our own internalized views and make changes when we find something harmful. Being aware of the privilege we each hold allows us to consciously choose how we approach a situation rather than letting our initial reactions choose for us. Committing to put in the work to take accountability for ourselves is one of our core values.

As a queer- and trans-founded group, many of our members have experienced the oppression of transphobia, homophobia, and the general mistreatment of anyone who doesn't conform to society's idea of who a person should be. We believe that the intersection of different oppressions can be an incredibly powerful and positive force, but often the burden of oppression can become a divisive influence that leads to harmful actions. We live in a society that incentivizes us to push others down in order to move our own interests forward, and tries to make us believe that this is the only way that things can work. We know that this isn't true though - people naturally want to help one another, and we're committed to doing our part in building a new system that allows us to stand together, not against each other.

Part of recognizing our privilege is being very aware of what role we serve at an event. Reaching out and coordinating with BIPOC leaders and organizers allows us to offer assistance in a way that supports the goals of a given event instead of supporting our own goals.

Our Bond

We believe that connection and support makes us stronger. Being part of QUICC is more than just volunteering our time to help our community, it's also creating a community within our own group to hold each other up and give us the support we need to keep fighting.

Part of this is actively working on finding healthy ways to resolve any conflict that might come up. Whether that's a difference of opinion on the field, or an action that unintentionally caused harm, we seek to feel comfortable approaching the conflict with compassion. Creating an environment where direct, honest communication is practiced and call-ins are encouraged is an important step building a space where everyone feels appreciated and heard.

In order to keep each other safe and be as effective in our goals as possible, we commit to upholding the group values while representing QUICC. Having a shared set of guidelines to follow while working as a team allows us to have a common purpose and be stronger together. These values are based on input from everyone in the group and are always open for revision if we see an opportunity for improvement. They allow us to set whatever differences we may have aside to form an effective and cohesive team.

We strive to create an environment where everyone feels empowered to take action. This means creating an intentional structure that makes it easier for us to contribute in the areas we excel in without being burdened by the commitment to do the things that we struggle with. By creating defined roles and teams within the group, we can each find a place that feels comfortable and allows us to collaborate effectively.